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Nov 1

As a Freelance Copywriter at Likeable, you provide a crucial team function, bringing a brand’s voice to life through words. You’re responsible for crafting high-quality, engaging content that drives our partners’ social goals. Whether it’s a five-word caption or a 2,500-word white paper, you’ve got it covered with your ability to provide expert editorial guidance and execution.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Write! Our brands will rely on you to write scripts for videos, captions for original images, long-form blog posts, and craft content for larger campaign initiatives.
  • Edit! You’ll be a defender of writing accuracy and compelling ideas as indicated by the creative briefs.
  • Participate in team brainstorms for creative concepting of content as needed.
  • Collaborate with other creative team members to create social media content that is timely, relevant, and ladders back to the content strategy.
  • Maintain a unique voice and tone for each of our brand’s social media presences, based on their brand guidelines and audiences.
  • Occasionally work with freelance writers and editors, ensuring their work meets Likeable’s high standards.
  • Understand the importance of meeting deadlines set by the Project Manager.
  • Review and edit client reports and presentations before they are delivered.
  • Use your love of language to creatively shape campaigns that fulfill client goals; this could mean anything from campaign names to concept write-ups to content ideas based on specific themes.
  • Write content for Likeable’s blog and social channels.
  • Work with our Copywriters and Strategists to maintain Likeable’s brand handbook.


  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic, driven, team player
  • Editorial experience and strong narrative judgement
  • Agency experience
  • Proficiency in MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Wrike
  • Detail oriented and organized with an ability to manage multiple projects with ease
  • A passion for language, storytelling (short and long form) and the power of content marketing, as well as a demonstration of superb writing skills
  • Excited by building story concepts steeped in data and strategic insights

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