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Nov 6

Ten Speed is a full-service organic growth agency looking for writers across a variety of B2B SaaS industries. Priority industries right now are: crypto, education, HR tech, AWS, DevOps, and the service industry.

Our content works hard to go beyond the SERP and be as helpful as possible for readers because that's what makes the difference for our clients.

We know pay on a per-word basis isn't breaking any records, but we work hard to set writers up for success. You get a comprehensive brief that includes:

  • Purpose/POV for the piece
  • H2s and H3s
  • SME info directly from the client
  • Complete style guide

You also don't need to account for images, just the writing. We ask for a one-week turnaround on articles and we also support you an in-house editing team.

Scope of work can vary and we can't necessarily guarantee anything, but clients are on long-term engagements with us. That means you'll have consistent work once we pair you with a client in your niche, often multiple 1500+ word pieces each month for 6+ months.

Bonus if you've got a bottom of funnel piece in your portfolio that shows off your ability to differentiate B2B tools and provide helpful details for the reader.

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